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3398 2" packaging tape dispenser

7316-7346 table top dispenser

These metal deluxe multi roll tape dispensers have a slip resistant base, tie bars to guide the tape and a sharp serrated blade for easy cutting. The tape cores are split into 1" widths so you can dispense multiple rolls of 1" wide (or less) or the full working width. (ie; 7326 can dispense 2 rolls of 1" wide or 1 roll of 2" wide tape).


model description s/u
7316 1" table top dispenser (3" core) 12/cs ea
7326 2" table top dispenser (3" core) 12/cs ea
7336 3" table top dispenser (3" core) 6/cs ea
7346 4" table top dispenser (3" core) 4/cs ea